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Date added: 10/09/2012 Solid-state equivalent of 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes from AMT Electronics


Presently, AMT Electronics engineers are testing prototypes of popular 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes solid-state equivalents. Our goal is to create a reliable identically sounding analogue that doesn’t require recurring replacement and has constant parameters which remain so all the time in spite of how hard operative conditions are.

AMT Electronics 6L6WS (WarmStone)

Solid-state pentode 6L6WS is an analogue of popular power-amplifier 6L6GC tube that reproduces its vacuum prototype characteristics. Special emphasis is laid on increasing reliability of work in extreme conditions that are common for guitar amplifiers.

AMT 6L6WS has control and screen grids leads, cathode, anode and 2 heater leads just the same as original 6L6 has.


Max characteristics of the solid-state pentode AMT 6L6WS

  • Maximum plate and screen voltage - 800V
  • Max plate dissipation - 50W
  • Peak plate power (t<100ms) - 120W
  • Max Plate Current - 1.5A
  • Cathode-to-heater potential ±200 V
  • Max Screen Grid current - 30mA
  • Heater Voltage - 6.3V
  • Heater Current - 20mA 

V-A Characteristics of 6L6WS

 Fig 1. Transmission characteristics    IA=f (UG1)  (UA=UG2=250V, 375V, 500V)

 Fig.2  Output characteristics UG2=250V


Fig.3  Output characteristics UG2=500V


AMT Electronics 12AX7WS

AMT Electronics 12AX7WS

Dual triode 12АХ7WS is a solid-state analogue of the popular 12AX7 (E83CC) vacuum tubes. Its characteristics remain constant through all the operation time, where vacuum tubes require regular replacement due to characteristics degradation.

Heater voltage is 6,3V or 12,6V depending on heater leads connection type.

Max characteristics

  • Max Anode Voltage – 400V
  • Max Anode Dissipation – 1W.
  • Max Anode Current – 10mА.
  • Max Cathode-to-heater voltage – 350V.

Electrical data

  • Heater current – 10mА
  • Amplification factor – 100
  • Trans-conductance – 2mA/V
  • Grid to plate capacitance – 1,5pF
  • Input Capacitance – 5pF

V-A Characteristics of the AMT 12AX7WS triode

Fig. 1. Transmission characteristics    IA=f (Ug)  (UA=200V, 300V, 400V)


Fig.2  Output characteristics  IА=f(UА)

Note: Final look and characteristics of the product can be changed by the manufacturer at any time.



When can we try them out? Do you have any release date for the 6L6 yet?

Administration: 12AX7WS will be available very-very soon. 6L6 are not ready yet.

Creo que es un intento más para eliminar los tubos. No se trata solo de potencia.Para eso se compra un amplificador transistorizado. Los que usamos tubos, oimos y sabemos de que se trata. Larga vida a los tubos!!! Basta de similares.El estado solido tiene una distorsión armónica que el tubo no la tiene. Eso ya es bastante. Es lo mismo un Stradivarius que un Midi Yamaha? Buffff!!!

Administration: Ha-ha:)) Thank you for the opinion, but please, don't judge until you try them:) Otherwise it's just blah-blah:)

what's the progress? I'm fedup with my tubes blowing