12AX7WS Warmstone - 12AX7 Tubes Solid-State Equivalents



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Minimum quantity for "12AX7WS Warmstone - 12AX7 Tubes Solid-State Equivalents" is 4.

High prices for DHL shipping from Siberia has forced us to sell AMT 12AX7 "Warm Stones" in sets which consist of 4 pcs. AMT 12AX7-WS or more. After short time we will offer some delivery options with which afford buying on much better conditions.

Original design by АМТ Electronics engineers - 12AX7 tubes solid-state equivalents - 12AX7 Warm Stone!
Before you buy, make sure that the anode (plate) voltage in your device at is  least 30V.
Warm Stone tubes feature:
  • 100% functional analog of vacuum 12AX7/ECC83 tubes (same size too!)
  • Constant characteristics during whole service period - no need to replace them almost at all!
  • Blind tests show no difference in sound character between WS and vacuum tubes
  • Original design and cool look (orange line glows when they're on)

Download 12AX7WS Manual and Specifications