Bass guitar effects (preamp, wah, compressor)

AMT B-Packer – optical compressor for bass guitar


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Optical compressor for bass guitar.

AMT Electronics WH-1B - Optical Bass WAH-WAH Pedal


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Let us introduce you bass version of the current AMT bestseller optical wah-wah pedal WH-1 - WH-1B. Finally your bass can also do "wah-wah'!:)

AMT BC-1 "Bass Crunch" - 2-channel JFET bass guitar preamp


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We are happy to present one of the most versatile bass guitar preamps on the market in a such small package - AMT Electronics BC-1 "Bass Crunch"!

The preamp has been built on the basis of the custom technology by АМТ using JFET emulation of the vacuum tube range clipping. The wide adjustment range in combination with rich functional possibilities that can only be found in a stomp box have considerably increased the preamp versatility.