AMT BC-1 "Bass Crunch" - 2-channel JFET bass guitar preamp
  • AMT BC-1 "Bass Crunch" - 2-channel JFET bass guitar preamp
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AMT BC-1 "Bass Crunch" - 2-channel JFET bass guitar preamp



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We are happy to present one of the most versatile bass guitar preamps on the market in a such small package - AMT Electronics BC-1 "Bass Crunch"!

The preamp has been built on the basis of the custom technology by АМТ using JFET emulation of the vacuum tube range clipping. The wide adjustment range in combination with rich functional possibilities that can only be found in a stomp box have considerably increased the preamp versatility.

«Bass crunch» BC-1 preamp is based on a two-channel circuit.

CLEAN channel shapes the classic bass guitar sound characteristic for «old» amplifiers and allows both velvet transparent sound and slight compressed overdrive depending on the position of Gain control.

DRIVE channel contains a number of over amplification stages and is intended for obtaining the modern sound from clean to totally overdriven one. The High Mode provides additional possibilities in terms of the range enrichment towards higher sound density and aggressiveness. The adjustable 3-position mid-range filter combined with deep adjustments along the frequency ranges offer a musician its rich possibilities related to shaping of the overdriven tone range.



  • Level – output signal level adjustment
  • High – high frequencies adjustment
  • Mid – middle frequencies adjustment
  • Low – low frequencies adjustment Gain – channel sensitivity adjustment


  • Level – output signal level adjustment
  • High – high frequencies adjustment
  • Mid – middle frequencies adjustment by means of rejecter filter Freq. notch Freq. notch – cutout frequencies switch (rejecter filter) 500Hz, 330Hz, 230Hz.
  • Low – low frequencies adjustment
  • Pre. Notch – rejecter filter switch before Drive stage. 700Hz, 400Hz.
  • Gain – channel sensitivity adjustment

Overall Controls

  • Blend – signal level balance adjustment between channels Clean and Drive
  • Master volume – BC-1’s overall output level adjustment.
  • Footswitch DRIVE – Drive channel on/off Led – Drive channel on indicator
  • Footswitch HI/LO – Drive channel increased sensitivity on/off. Led – HI/LO mode with Drive channel increased sensitivity on indicator.

Connections Right Panel

  • INPUT – instrument input of the preamp
  • SEND FX – signal send to aux effect
  • RETURN FX – aux effect signal return

Left Panel

  • OUTPUT – direct output to power amp.
  • CTRL OUT – AMT TS-2MIDI aux convertors control output
  • CAB.SIM. – direct output to mixer’s line input.
  • DI OUT – balanced output intended for connection of devices equipped with balanced inputs.
  • Power DC 18V – for connection of power adapter
  • Battery compartment – for two 9V batteries installation.

AMT BC-1 manual (PDF)

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