AMT Incinerator NG-1 - device to eliminate noises
  • AMT Incinerator NG-1 - device to eliminate noises

NEW 2018: AMT Incinerator NG-1 - device to eliminate noises



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The device IS NOT a copy of any known device. AMT engineers used their own technical ideas and their own approaches to solving the problem of noise suppression of the guitar signal.


AMT NG-1 is a device to eliminate noises in the guitar signal chain.
The device is effective and easy to use.


1. Small dimensions (Snickers-size).
2. Minimum of controls.

The main element of control is “Threshold” knob that defines the level at which the noise suppression is On. Quick reaction to the appearance of the guitar signal and automatic decay time control allow to eliminate harmonic distortion and quickly switch to a “cut-off” mode when the guitar signal disappears.

3. A choice of bypass mode: active bypass or signal’s complete “cut-off”.
4. A loop for connecting FX-drive pedals, preamps, etc.

When an FX-drive pedal or a preamp is placed in the loop, the level detector of the NG-1 gets the signal directly from the guitar and the controlled attenuator stands after the pedal or preamp output. Thus, the threshold of noise reduction is set once and is effective for any channel of the device in the loop.


* In case of use of spatial (time) effects in a guitar path with the noise suppression device (NG-1), it is recommended to place them after the NG-1, to prevent cutting of reverberation “tails”.

*If effective noise reduction is observed at the position of the knob THRESHOLD more than 12-13 hours, you should first pay attention to the shielding of the guitar and the grounding of the equipment, and then use the noise reduction device NG-1.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION and other necessary information are available inside of User’s Guide on AMT’s Media Center:

User’s Guide for the device is here >>

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