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Date added: 14/08/2018 Start of sales for AMT INCINERATOR NG-1

We are pleased to introduce to you our new device – AMT INCINERATOR NG-1

You can order it right now here: AMT INCINERATOR NG-1

Date added: 21/09/2017 Start of sales for AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX-S (stereo)

Date added: 22/08/2017 Start of sales for AMT Fulcrum - linear power supply

Date added: 09/06/2017 Start of sales for AMT PANGAEA CP-16M-EB (EVALUATION BOARD)

Date added: 07/06/2017 Start of sales for AMT Electronics C-Drive mini - JFET distortion pedal

Date added: 22/04/2017 Start of sales for AMT Pangaea CP-16 module!

Date added: 28/02/2017 AMT worldwide IR online store

Date added: 28/02/2017 Start of sales for StoneHead SH-100R!

Date added: 06/02/2017 AMT Electronics TrueCab IR - Impulse Response Library

Date added: 30/12/2016 Pre-order for AMT StoneHead SH-100R is opened now!

Date added: 14/09/2016 English version of the description: Pangaea CP-100FX

Date added: 10/09/2016 Start selling of new products 2016: AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX and Compressors!

Date added: 19/06/2016 Start selling of new products 2016!

Date added: 10/12/2015 Start selling of AMT SOW PS-4x100mA – power supply module

Date added: 16/11/2015 Optical pedal LLM-1: retail as the dealer's prices!

Date added: 08/10/2015 Some tips to convert IRs’ files for Pangaea CP-100

Date added: 21/09/2015 About the Power Eater PE-120

Date added: 26/08/2015 User's manuals for AMT Stonehead & PowerEater

Date added: 23/01/2015 MusikMesse 2015

Date added: 02/09/2014 AMT Electronics at NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2014