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Date added: Some tips to convert IRs’ files for Pangaea CP-100

Some tips to convert IRs’ files:

IRs, which can be loaded in Pangaea CP-100, have to have the next format:
48kS/sec 24 bit Mono. But sometimes the file header contains too many information
which even Windows can’t always interpret correctly.
So, maybe there are many ways to make the correct format to fit Pangaea,
but we could recommend the next:
1.Open two files in CoolEdit (or Adobe Audition). First file -the file you want to convert, the second –some working from Pangaea preloaded files.
2.Select the first file and make Copy.
3.Select the second file (working one from Pangaea) and make Paste.
4.Save the file (save as) with a new desired name and a path.

   The work is done!!!