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Date added: 09/06/2017 Start of sales for AMT PANGAEA CP-16M-EB (EVALUATION BOARD)

We are pleased to represent you a new device – AMT PANGAEA CP-16M-EB (EVALUATION BOARD)

To make the process of getting to know easier and shorten the development time of the final product, AMT Electronics has developed a special AMT Pangaea CP-16M-EB Evaluation Board

The board has all the necessary interfaces for quickly starting the work with the module. The user can use some circuit designs of the evaluation board for the use in his final product. Many connectors of the evaluation board are duplicated by additional connecting contacts, which can be used by the developer to move the necessary connectors to the locations determined by the final design of the user’s device. That is, in cases where the developer does not need to make many instances of the device and, when not constrained by the size of the final design, he can apply the ready AMT Pangaea CP-16M-EB board, possibly making some changes to the circuit.

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