AMT Electronics S1 Legend Amps - JFET guitar preamp
  • AMT Electronics S1 Legend Amps - JFET guitar preamp
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  • amt s1 side view
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AMT Electronics S1 Legend Amps - JFET guitar preamp



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The S1 Legend Amp Series pedal! Enormously rich smooth overdrive to medium gain crunch to screaming lead, the S1 was designed for players looking to achieve the famous guitar distortion sounds of Soldano* Amplifiers. The S1 features JFET circuit design producing crazy tight and responsive distortion. Make ANY amp sound like a high Soldano* with the AMT S1 pedal.

  • The AMT Legend Amp Series guitar pedals provide excellent dynamics, nuances, and characteristics similar to that of tube driven amplifiers. 
  • Tube-like range of volume control provides great sound density, playability, and power when playing at full volume and also in conjunction with your guitars volume knob. 
  • TRUE BYPASS. The preamps of the Legend Amp Series pedals use passive true bypass circuitry, therefore no loss of guitar signal is noticed in your pedal chain. Similar to if no pedal was there at all when bypassed. 
  • Features high level of output signal (+10dB in extreme position of Level knob) corresponds to the output levels similar of tube preamps. Thus, you have adjustable signal level allowing to hook up your preamp AND direct input of a power amplifier. 
  • Controls include LEVEL, GAIN, LOW, MID, and HIGH. 
  • TWO signal outputs: DIRECT AMPLIFIER OUT for guitar amplifier use and CAB SIMULATION OUT for mixer, or studio use. 
  • Power saving mode. When the speaker simulation output jack is not in use, the pedal automatically switches to power saving mode. Current consumption (from 9V power unit) is less than 6mА (in power saving mode it drops to 4mА).

* Names used in this document are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way are associated or affiliated with AMT Electronics. These trademarks of other manufactures were used to identify products whose sounds were reviewed in the making of this product.

AMT LA S1 manual (PDF)


Купили с братом по педальке, он R1, я S1 оба в восторге. В комп + каб симы отлично идёт. R1 от S1 не сильно отличаются по звуку буквально по тембру.


сравнивал с Ерасовским солдером 30 (в его же ретурн) - очень похоже, без поллитра не разобрать кто есть кто