АМТ Reincarnator RD-2 (DI-box + ReAmp-box)
  • АМТ Reincarnator RD-2 (DI-box + ReAmp-box)

АМТ Reincarnator RD-2 (DI-box + ReAmp-box)




AMT Electronics presets a new device – AMT RD-2 “Reincarnator”.

It is a DI-box and a ReAmp-box in one device. Both functions can be used in Passive or Active modes. In the passive mode – you can use the device without a power supply.

AMT RD-2 lets you record a “dry” sound of your guitar and use it later for reamping – to send the recorded signal to the input of your real loved amplifier.

Some words about Reamping technology:

Many sound recording studios use Reamping for getting desired sounding.

The essence of reamping technology is a playback of pre-recorded “dry” guitar signal (the signal from the pickups) through a guitar amp and recording simultaneously with the microphone the guitar cabinet sound.

With this technique, you can once record a guitar track and then, an unlimited number of times to playback and record it. In this case you can try to use different amplifiers, audio processing devices and microphone positions. Even with a live recording of a guitar cabinet with a microphone, you can later find out that you are not quite satisfied with the result, namely, satisfied with the quality of performance, but not satisfied with the quality of the guitar signal processing. When recording “live sounding” guitar cabinet, you can at the same time record a “dry” guitar sound, then, afterwards, using reamping you can achieve the desired result.

The main DI-box function is basically the matching of a high guitar pickups’ impedance and a relatively low input impedance of the recording device. In addition, a DI-box makes a transformation of an unbalanced guitar signal into a balanced mic-level signal for sending to the input of the DAW (sound card). Guitar pickups have sufficiently high impedance, something like 10-15kOhm, so if the signal is put directly to the low-impedance input of the DAW (sound card), there will be a significant change in the signal. In addition, unbalanced guitar cables are susceptible to crosstalk and at a great length; it is desirable to move from an unbalanced line to a symmetric (balanced) one.

The main Reamp-box functions are the transformation of a symmetric (balanced) line-level signal from the output of the DAW (sound card) into the unbalanced signal being sent to the guitar amp input and a matching of the DAW (sound card) low output impedance and high-impedance guitar amplifier input.

1. Weight netto 400 g
2. Dimensions (Case only) W 84mm H 42mm L94mm
3. Power Requirement (active mode): 15mA, 9…18VDC

The complete set includes:
1. AMT RD-1                      1
2. Instruction manual      1
3. Packaging                       1
4. Warranty card               1