#2017: Guitar cabinets emulators

AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX-S (stereo) - IR Convolution Player & Effect processor (Power supply is included!)


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AMT team is happy to introduce to you our new product AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX-S.
This is the full stereo version of the device.



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Our company has begun production of AMT Pangaea CP16M module. CP-16M - is a built-in digital  audio processing module with preinstalled software.... More 

AMT Pangaea CP-16 (module)


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You can load up to 16 different Guitar Cabinets’ IRs in the module’s memory and choose the desired one in the right moment. You can load IRs in the CP-16 memory and control their parameters via USB or Bluetooth interfaces.

AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX - IR Convolution Player (CAB.Sim / Effect processor)


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AMT team is happy to introduce to you our new product AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX.

It is not just a impulse cabinet emulator integrated with an effects processor: AMT PANGAEA CP-100FX is a flexibly adjustable tool both for professional actively touring guitar players and for those who are just starting their creative career.

AMT «PANGAEA» CP-100 IR-player Cabinet Emulator and EQ

CODE: CP-100

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All guitarists know well, that the final electro guitar sound is a product of many components of different equipments, with which the sounding is being created. The guitar tones are defined mainly by a guitar, a tube power amplifier, a guitar cabinet and by a set of mikes which capture the sound.

With the device AMT Pangaea CP-100, you can easily emulate the sound of any guitar cabinet by loading different IRs (Impulse responses) of guitar cabinets in the device memory. Many different IRs you can easily find in Internet (both paid and free). In the device memory you can load up to 100 IRs and to use any one you want when playing guitar.

AMT Electronics Chameleon CAB CN-1 - Speaker Cabinet Emulator


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The CN-1 Chameleon Cab is a unique, one of a kind, speaker cabinet emulation tool that we have created due to the increased popular demand of performing live with out a guitar amp or combo, or practice or record guitar at home studios. Now, guitarists can easily play with their  favorite distortion/od preamps directly into a computer, PA or DAW. This would have otherwise, been impossible, resulting in a thin fizzy brittle sound by not using the proper cabinet emulation.