AMT SOW PS-2 DC-18V 2x100mA - power supply module

AMT SOW PS-2 DC-18V 2x100mA - power supply module

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AMT SOW PS-2 DC-18V 2x100mA  has  two- outputs galvanically isolated from the primary source power module with 2 voltages (DC-18V) galvanically isolated from each other, it is designed to supply 18-volt guitar pedals consuming maximum100 mA, such as AMT Electronics-SS-30.

The use of galvanically isolated voltages prevents current loops and thus ensures the best performance in sound quality due to elimination of mains interference. The polarity of the power module: minus on the inside, plus on the outside. This power supply is also suitable for other 18-volt pedals with current consumption of less than 100 mA with the same polarity. 

The device is powered from the AMT SOW PS-1 primary power module or an external adapter with an output voltage of 12-18V and current not less than consumed by all connected to it pedals. The advantage of this power module is that when it is used in conjunction with other modular units it gives the opportunity to have different voltages with different current consumption. The application of this series module is important for powering pedal boards.

The power supply modules are assembled into a single structure without additional cables and fixtures using the built-in connectors and mechanical locks. The module’s distinctive feature is that it has paralleled outputs which are set on the opposite module’s sides; it helps to achieve easier commutation. 

Case dimensions: width - 36mm / depth - 76mm / height 33mm.


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