AMT Electronics TS-2 - A/B channel/pedal passive selector
  • AMT Electronics TS-2 - A/B channel/pedal passive selector
  • AMT TS-2 side view
  • AMT TS-2 connection diagram

AMT Electronics TS-2 - A/B channel/pedal passive selector



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AMT TRUE SELECTOR TS-2 passive switch (further TS-2) is intended for studio use and live performances.

TS-2 passive switch is intended for switching of two pedal groups (external signal processing devices) in order to combine them in a single flexible complex which allows you to switch from one sound character to another in no time at all.

The TS-2 features are as follows:

  • TS-2 has been built with high quality components.
  • The possibility of modular connection of TS-2 passive switches while configuring the sound system including great number of effects.
  • The ease of device operation and its commutation with other sound processing system constituents. 
  • The TS-2 simplicity ensures its high operational reliability.
  • The TS-2 provides low-voltage power supply to the sound processing effects of the system by using single power adapter.

Architecture and other features of TS-2 passive switch:

  • The TS-2 is a two-channel passive switch.
  • The TS-2 allows the use of two or more external effects modules without interfering with the switched signals.
  • If  SEND output and RETURN input of any of the channels is not used, the selection of that channel make the signal from INPUT travel directly to the output of the passive switch.

AMT TS-2 manual (PDF)


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