AMT Electronics SS-30 "Bulava" - 3-channel JFET guitar preamp
  • AMT Electronics SS-30 "Bulava" - 3-channel JFET guitar preamp
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  • ss-30 side view
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AMT Electronics SS-30 "Bulava" - 3-channel JFET Guitar Preamp



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The SS-30 is a 3 channel JFET preamp loaded with maximum power and crunch. The SS-30 Bulava pedal is a non-tube JEFT driven preamp, offering modern high gain metal tones in a small portable enclosure. Priced at a consumer friendly cost, the SS-30 is sure to win the most punch for the buck award. Just listen to the demo and decide for yourself!

Three Independent Channels

Features 3 switchable channels, each with their own master control for precise leveling of all channels.

EQ Controls

Clean and Crunch/Lead have their own 3 band EQ of Low, Mids, and High for customization of each channel.

Tone Contour Buttons

The SS-30 includes three switchable buttons for added tone options.

  • Drive tone shift
  • Crunch bright
  • Clean boost

FX Loop for Added Effects

The SS-30 also includes an FX Loop for adding external modulation effects in the correct signal chain location.

Blistering Crunch and Lead Tones

Design focused to simulate ultra high gain amp heads, this give your expensive amplifiers a run for their money! Never has there been such an affordable, feature packed, amazing sounding 3 channel guitar preamp as the SS-30 Bulava.

Direct to Amplifier or Computer/DAW/Mixer

As all AMT pedals, the SS-30 is equipped with dual outputs. One for connection to a guitar amplifier, and one for direct connection to a computer, DAW, or mixing device.


  • Powered by two 9V batteries or optional 18V DC power adapter
  • Negative center polarity (-) at 8mA
  • FX Loop send and return jacks
  • 2 Footswiches
  • 3 Channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead
  • Amp out and cabinet simulated outputs
  • Tone shift, clean boost, and bright switches
  • 3.5 mm jack to control external MIDI devices

AMT SS-30 manual (PDF)



Thank you for your reply! I’m glad to hear the SS-30 will not need any regular maintenance. That makes a very good unit even better. I’m really enjoying it, and like it more the more I play it. I actually wrote up a short review of the SS-30 on, if you’d like to read it:

I’m considering also buying the TC-3 Tube Cake and the Legend II Vt2 pedal. Those also both require 18V, right? Would it work for me to get one adapter that is 18V 600mA, negative tip, and use a daisy chain from that to power all 3 pedals? The TC-3 consumes 500mA , and the SS-30 consumes 11mA, so that leaves 89mA for the Vt2 – am I understanding this correctly?

As for me, I’m primarily a guitarist, but I also play bass and some keyboard, and I program drums. While I occasionally like to play some jazz or more alternative style pieces, I mostly play death metal (with some variations in the genre… tech, slam, black, prog, etc). I’ve played in 2 bands over the last 5 years (more before that, too, but I won’t go into so much detail). I played guitar in the band Putrescine, and I’m playing bass in my current band Mechanically Separated.

During that time, I’ve also been working on recording an album for my own solo project called The Mammon Machine, which is actually my primary focus currently. I will be using the SS-30 Bulava for my overdriven tones on the album, because I love it’s tone and responsiveness. It has just the right blend of attack, presence, graininess, clarity, and punch. This is a clip I recorded with the Bulava – it is one of the songs I’m working on for The Mammon Machine:

For this clip, I played my Oni 8-string into a TC Electronics Integrated Preamp, then into the SS-30 Bulava, then direct to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP interface. On my computer I applied an impulse response taken from a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier cab mic’d with an SM57. The drums are all programmed via Reason. Right now it’s just stock drum samples from Reason, but before I’m finalize all of the tracks I’m going to go through and replace the samples with something better… I haven’t decided on the drum samples yet.

I’ll be adding bass to this soon, too, but I’m still trying to find a bass preamp that I really like to record with. I’m currently using a Hartke Bass Attack VXL, which isn’t bad, but I’d like to try something with a little more control over the tone. I’ve actually been looking at the AMT BC-1 Bass Crunch as one of my options. Ideally, I’d like a unit that can do both a good clear, clean tone, and can also add a bit of grit / overdrive when I really dig in. Most units I’ve tried only do one or the other well. Do you think the BC-1 would be good for this?

Anyway, thank you again for making the Bulava! I really enjoy it, and will be using it for a long time.

Best regards,



I just received a Bulava pedal yesterday, and I have to say, I was absolutely blown away at how good the tone I got out if it was. I’ve owned a lot of amps (easily over 100), and the tone I was getting out of the Bulava could easily stand toe-to-toe with almost any of those amps, even the $1500+ heads. I’ve never experienced that quality of tone and responsiveness from a pedal before. To my ear, it has a very 5150-meets-VHT Pitbull sort of flavor to it, which is great, because I love both of those amps. Outstanding work on this pedal!

Anyway, I have 3 questions for you regarding the Bulava:
1) I’m currently running it using 2 9V batteries, but I’d like to get a power adapter for it. Do you sell one to go with it? Or do you have any particular recommendations (in terms of quality)?

2) Up until yesterday, I’ve basically been a ‘tube snob’, and I really don’t have much experience with solid state / JFET units. I know with my tube amps, I need to replace the tubes every so often. Is there any sort of maintenance I should be doing for the Bulava? Are there any components in it that will need to be replaced at some point?

3) If I decide to use batteries instead of an adapter, do you know roughly how long the batteries will last in the Bulava (assuming constant use) before needing to be replaced?

Again, great work on this pedal! This is my first AMT purchase, and it definitely won’t be my last. I plan on using the Bulava as my main high-gain tone for a solo album I’m working on.

Thank you!

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